Safety is always a top priority for prospective drivers. We don't need to discuss how important having a secure vehicle is, as it goes without saying. However, while all modern-day models will be equipped with some prominent safety features, only certain brands and vehicles will have a higher level of safety technology. In the 2019 Volkswagen Jetta, safety technology is increasingly advanced with an assortment of Driver Assistance Features.

What sort of features are there?

  • Adaptive Cruise Control: helps the Volkswagen Jetta maintain a preset speed and length of the distance from a car in front of you. Your vehicle will detect any slow down or increase in speed and adjust accordingly.
  • Blind Spot Monitor: when changing lanes, this feature provides an alert if a vehicle is in your blind spot and you lack visibility.
  • Light Assist: this high beam of light provides better visibility at night or in early mornings. A mounted camera detects poorly lit roads and at a certain speed will have an automatically turned on and off switch when an oncoming car approaches.
  • Lane Assist: will send a subtle alert if drifting without a turn signal and even incorporate a gentle nudge back into your current lane.
  • Park Distance Control: parking can be tough, especially in a tight squeeze. With Park Distance Control, a frequency tone of various intensity will alert you about the appropriate distance between vehicles.
  • Front Assist: Forward Collision Warning alerts you to a potential crash via a slow down or a collision ahead. If the collision is imminent, increased brake pressure or a full application of brakes will protect you if no effort is made to stop.
  • Rear Traffic Alert: utilizes sensors to detect any vehicles crossing your path when in reverse mode.

The 2019 Volkswagen Jetta has it all when it comes to elite safety, make sure you stop by for a test-drive or check out our new Jetta inventory at Paul Miller Volkswagen.

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