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Have you been thinking about visiting our Paul Miller Volkswagen dealership near Bridgewater, NJ, but would like to learn more about what our dealership includes first? We may have the answer to your dealership question in our list of FAQs. In fact, we may even have the answers to your Volkswagen questions or concerns. Take a closer look and don't hesitate to contact our team to talk to us directly.


Learn how much your current vehicle is worth by using our online trade-in tool.

Our payment calculator can help you determine what your lease or loan payments may be.

Interest rates vary depending on your credit score, the type of vehicle you're buying, and the amount of money you're placing down. Use our Paul Miller Accelerator to learn more.


While this process will depend on the VW model you have, there is a general process to turn off the tire pressure monitoring light. Once you properly inflate your tires, the light should disappear. If it doesn't, there are a few ways you can get it to go away.

  • Drive above 50 miles-per-hour for 10 minutes.
  • With your VW turned off, put the key to the "ON" position, but don't start it. Hold the TPMS reset button until the flashing tire pressure light blinks three times. Release the reset button and start the car. It should take about 20 minutes for the sensor to refresh.
  • Inflate all tires, including the spare, to 3 PSI over the recommended amount. Deflate them completely and then reinflate to the correct PSI.
  • With your VW turned off, disconnect the positive battery cable. Turn the car on and honk the horn for three seconds. Then reconnect the battery.

This also depends on the VW model you have, but should follow a similar pattern.

  • Use the metal button above the key to remove the key from the fob.
  • Use a small screwdriver to slide into the little slot the key fits into and open the fob.
  • Gently remove the green circuit board.
  • Take out the battery and replace with the proper battery.
  • Put the fob back together and reinsert the key.
If your key fob battery dies, you can still access your VW vehicle. Insert your key into the small divot on the bottom of the lock cylinder cap on the door handle. Pull towards you and the cap should come off. Now use your key to open the door.
To check the oil level in your VW vehicle, park on a level surface and turn your car off. Find the dipstick, pull it all the way out, and wipe it clean. Reinsert it and pull it back out. The oil level will now show correctly.
Recommended car service depends on the type of VW vehicle you have. Most models need service every 10,000 miles, with various services recommended for each 10,000-mile milestone.


To see if your VW vehicle is still under warranty, contact us! Our team can look up your car and see what type of warranties are still attached. We'll need your VIN and odometer reading, so please have those ready.

Maybe! Contact our finance center to discuss details about our extended warranties and options.

Yes! We'd love to help you out with your lease return! Contact us to learn more.

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If you have other VW or Paul Miller questions, feel free to reach out to our Paul Miller Volkswagen team. Or, if you'd prefer, take the short drive from Morristown NJ, Basking Ridge, Mendham NJ, or beyond today!

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