Volkswagen Electric Vehicles in Bernardsville, NJ

Which EV is Right for Me?

In the EV world, there are three main electric powertrains. We recommend exploring each option to determine which electric vehicle best fits your preferences, driving goals, and price range.

Understanding EV's

Many drivers are switching over to electric vehicles for a long list of reasons. Not only are EV models economic, but they also come with many money-saving benefits, tax incentives, and driving enhancements. Here are just a few of the many reasons you may want to consider purchasing a new electric or hybrid vehicle.

  • Fewer Emissions
  • Lower Maintenance Costs
  • Federal and Local Tax Incentives
  • Smoother Acceleration and Handling
  • Quieter Ride
  • Easy to Charge

Plug-In Hybrid

A plug-in hybrid is the best of both worlds. Most models have a small all-electric range but can use gasoline to enhance your fuel economy. This makes their mileage limit very large and allows you to have peace of mind knowing you can just refill at the pump if needed. The plug-in hybrid powertrain does require plugging in to recharge.

Pure Electric

Pure electric vehicles only use electricity to move you around Bernardsville and beyond. They offer the lowest environmental footprint and come with the largest amount of fuel and maintenance savings. Most electric vehicles also include plenty of power behind the wheel and offer a more relaxing drive.

Traditional Hybrid

A traditional hybrid combines a gasoline-powered engine with an electric motor that recharges as you drive. While most hybrid vehicles don't have the all-electric capabilities some of our drivers are searching for, they do offer enhanced fuel economy throughout your daily commute, lowering your carbon footprint along the way.

Discover Volkswagen Electric Vehicles

Volkswagen ID.4

This all-electric SUV contains a great combination of lavish interior space, excellent electric performance, and impressive technological advancements. It's the first of many upcoming electric VW models and is already making waves in the EV world. Besides its sleek exterior design and comfortable cabin space, the VW ID.4 SUV also shows off with up to a 280-mile range and an estimated charging time of 70 miles in 10 minutes (when using a public DC fast charger).

Volkswagen ID Buzz (Coming Soon!)

Not much is known about the soon-to-be-released VW ID Buzz, but we do know it's set to be completely electric. It also has a unique VW bus body style that we're giddy to learn more about! If you'd like to learn more, please reach out to our team.

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Learn More About Volkswagen EV Charging

If you're considering purchasing an EV Volkswagen, you most likely have questions about recharging. VW electric vehicles can be recharged in multiple ways, with on-the-go options as well as an in-house charging station available. Here's a closer look at how you could charge your new VW electric model.

Charging Options

On-The-Go Charging

There is a wide range of public DC fast-charging stations across America, with more being added for your convenience. Electrify America is one of the largest DC fast charging networks, as is ChargePoint. When you purchase your VW EV, you'll receive three years of unlimited charging at Electrify America DC Fast Chargers. These public stations can charge 60 miles in 10 minutes or to 80-percent in about 38 minutes.

HomeStation™ Charging

Electrify Home has a Level 2 charging station called HomeStation™. This at-home charging station can be installed in any garage, driveway, or parking area. It connects to your WiFi, allowing you to see how charged your vehicle is and when it's done. Electrify Home works with Qmerit to install and set up your HomeStation™ as seamlessly as possible.

Contact Our EV Dealership in Bernardsville to Discuss Your VW EV Questions 


If you'd like to learn more about your Volkswagen EV options, we recommend reaching out to our Paul Miller Volkswagen of Bernardsville team. We can discuss your leasing and loaning opportunities, go over the different VW electric, hybrid, and plug-in hybrid options, and discuss any questions that you may have. We also would love to walk you through the entire purchasing process, which can be completed using our many online programs, tools, and apps.


Do you want to talk about your charging options? Do you have questions about the benefits of driving an electric vehicle? Do you want to go over the Volkswagen inventory to see which model fits you best? Whatever the case may be, our Paul Miller Volkswagen of Bernardsville team would love to help. Please, contact us via the phone, online chat, or text, or take the short drive to our Bernardsville dealership. We can show you around our current VW inventory or help you custom order your VW EV today!

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