Compare Volkswagen ID4 vs Tesla Model 3

The age of electric vehicles has arrived in full swing, and Volkswagen is ready to impress with its new Volkswagen ID.4 electric SUV. Of course, you can't say electric car without thinking of the Tesla brand either. In fact, the VW ID.4 has been compared to the Tesla Model 3 since it was first introduced. Which electric vehicle should you choose? Read our VW ID.4 versus Tesla Model 3 comparison below to discover which one fits you best.

Compare The Volkswagen ID.4 Vs. The Tesla Model 3: Performance

Tesla is known for its impressive electric performance, and the Tesla Model 3 is no slouch when it comes to both acceleration and top speed. However, the VW ID.4 also stands out in these areas with up to 201-horsepower and 228 pounds-feet of torque. When it comes to the all-electric range, both vehicles boast an EPA estimated 250 miles in their standard models.

Compare The Volkswagen ID.4 Vs. The Tesla Model 3: Interior

The biggest difference between the VW ID.4 and the Tesla Model 3 is the body style. The VW ID.4 is an SUV that comes with five seats and plenty of versatile interior space to spread out. The Tesla Model 3 is a sedan that can hold up to five passengers, but doesn't include the space your daily Bernardsville drive requires. For example, the VW ID.4 can hold up to 64.2 cubic feet of cargo with the second-row folded flat. The Tesla Model 3 only has a trunk that can hold up to 15 cubic feet of cargo.

2021 Volkswagen ID.4

Compare The Volkswagen ID.4 Vs. The Tesla Model 3: Technology

Both vehicles are also covered in lavish amenities and high-end technological features. The Tesla Model 3 boasts a large touchscreen that can be overwhelming to use. The Volkswagen ID.4 includes a 12-inch touchscreen display that serves as the central hub for our daily commute. While big in size, it's smaller than the 15-inch touchscreen in the Tesla Model 3, which makes it easier to use and not as in-your-face as the Tesla version. Both models also come with multiple driver assistance technological programs, such as the IQ>DRIVE system in the VW ID.4.


Compare The Volkswagen ID.4 Vs. The Tesla Model 3: Price and Availability

When it comes to the bottom line, the Tesla Model 3 is going to cost you a pretty penny. While Tesla models are stunning, they are also extremely expensive. The VW ID.4 is much more accessible to a wider array of drivers while providing you with similar pure electric power. The Volkswagen ID.4 will also be available at local dealerships, including Paul Miller Volkswagen of Bernardsville. The Tesla Model 3 can be ordered.

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